Florence in a Day

Florence, the name itself paints a picture of romance, beauty, ethereal architecture and takes us back to the enchanting days of medieval Europe. This stunning Italian city, which has the beautiful river Arno dividing it into two parts, is a treat for tourists and everyone with an eye for beauty. Florence, which is aptly called the ‘capital of arts’, boasts of charming churches, picturesque palaces, magnificent museums and awe-inspiring art galleries.


The city of Florence has been ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world by many. It may not be easy for a tourist to plan a Florence in a day trip alone. To avoid this problem and to help you get the best out of this city here is a one-day tour itinerary of Florence by Walks of Italy. World Luxury Tourism recommends this as the best way to enjoy Florence at its charming best with a friendly guide for company.

  • Trip duration: 5hr 15min (plus break)
  • Starting point: Galleria dell’Accademia (Accademia Gallery)
  • Start Time: 8.45 am
  • End Time: 2.00 pm
  • Best time to visit Florence: April to June

The Accademia: Revel in the glory of the Accademia gallery, which houses some of the best known sculptures and paintings by Michelangelo and also has a collection of the famous Renaissance paintings. However, it is Michelangelo’s ‘David’, with all its magnanimity and beauty that becomes the cynosure of all tourists. If you have a penchant for art, then you can explore this wonderful gallery and witness some of the best works including the unfinished ‘Slaves’ by the mysterious genius. An expert guide will be there with you to help you know more about the man and his works.

Duomo: Next stop in your Florence trip would be the Duomo. One of the city’s iconic landmarks, this staggering building will surely take your breath away with its beauty and grace. Admire the allures of the largest brick-made dome in the world and spare a moment for its beautifully designed green, white and pink marble facade. Let your guide tell you stories of the great Filippo Brunelleschi, who spearheaded the construction of this wonder. Also, do not miss the frescoes by Zuccari and Vasari. The best part is that Walks of Italy will arrange for a special skip-the-line access, which will allow you to enjoy Florence, sans the queues.

City Highlights: Once you are out of the magnificent Duomo Baptistery, you will hit the streets of Florence to witness and appreciate the city’s beautiful bridges, quaint side-streets, piazzas and various outdoor artworks. Learn more about the city and its history, which will come to life as the guide takes the role of a storyteller. You will get to know about the Renaissance masters, the flirtatious kings, the feudal battles and much more, while you rove around the city. The guide will lead you to some of the famous sights of Florence, such as the Piazza della Signoria, the Palazzo Vecchio, the Piazza della Repubblica and the Orsanmichele Church.

Lunch: Before you move on to your next destination, it’s time for you to try out some of the best Florentine delicacies. Your guide will help you locate some of the best local eateries, where you can try out some Ribollita and Pappa al Pomodoro, or a dish of Panzanella or Lampredotto.

Uffizi Gallery: Next in your itinerary would be the famous Uffizi Gallery. Feel like a king as you enter the gallery, skipping the queue with your pre-reserved express entrance tickets. As you enter the premises of the gallery, you will witness art like never before. For an art enthusiast, this gallery becomes a paradise of sorts, with its list of artworks, boasting names like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and Botticelli. Let the world wait as you witness famous works like, ‘Birth of Venus’ and ‘Primavera’.

Your Florence day-trip would come to an end on the Uffizi roof terrace, which gifts you with a breath-taking view of the beautiful city. As you take in the pleasure of the astounding view, you would thank Walks of Italy for gifting a day of charm, grandeur and unadulterated Florence.

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