Top Things To Do on a Luxury Vacation in Canada

Traveling to seek new experiences is nothing new. People live in the luxurious villas; splurge in the exclusive restaurants and casinos; book the best seats in international events and put their money to good use by buying luxurious experiences. This helps travellers enrich their lives through diverse experiences. Canada and its many locations are becoming major luxury tourist destinations for its uniqueness. Here’s presenting a few top things to do on a luxury vacation in Canada:

Waking up to the Niagara Falls

When you are in Canada, you have to visit the legendary Niagara Falls. A significant number of luxe hotels are located near the falls. You may even opt to stay indoors in your choicest luxe hotel. Enjoy the view sipping your favourite drink.

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©WLTExclusive Dinner at the Skylon Tower

This is one of the most luxurious dining experiences that one can get while in Canada. Enjoy the great view that Skylon Tower offers of the falls, from 775 feet above the ground, as you take pleasure in the delicious dishes of the restaurants. It is better to visit the restaurant during night to enjoy the occasional fireworks.

Watch a Baseball Game from the Edge of Your Bed

The Rogers Centre’s Luxury Suite offers a one-of-a-kind experience for baseball lovers. Here one can get an entire suite instead of VIP boxes. These suites provide exclusive view of the stadium and one can see and hear the roar of the crowd right from one’s bedroom window. The rooms have the best facilities as it is a Marriot property.

Private Skate at Rideau Canal

Surprise your special someone by reserving the entire central Ottawa region of the Canal and spend the evening in this enchanting environment. This will be a night of luxury, romance and a bit of skiing too.

Luxurious Camping at the Vancouver Island

Go glamping at the Clayoq