Tuscany in a Day

A private full-day Tuscan drive through Siena, San Gimignano and Chianti

Siena2The birthplace of the Renaissance, the beautiful central Italy region of Tuscany can prove to be a great option for independent tourists and travellers. Relish the breath-taking Tuscan landscapes, as Walks of Italy gifts you a chance to get off the beaten track and enjoy a private Tuscany-from-Florence drive. Let history, architecture and art unfold before your eyes during the comfortable and well-planned 9 hour trip as the driver guides you and helps you explore some of the highlights of Tuscany.

Though it is a guided trip, you have the liberty to choose where exactly you want to go and how long you want to stay there. However, it is always better to let your local guide help you locate the highlights as you sit back and luxuriate in the beauty and charm of the medieval towns, verdant vineyards and the rolling meadows. Gift your eyes a varicoloured view of Italy’s best vistas and enjoy your Tuscan drive to the fullest.

  • Trip Duration: 9 hrs
  • Start Time: Flexible

: Have you ever fancied a role in a movie? Walking around picturesque locations with soothing music playing in the background? Well, the music part is slightly doubtful, but the city of Siena takes care of the ‘picturesque locations’ part and how! Your local driver will pick you up from Florence and will take you to the city of Siena where you can admire and quench your thirst for photography. The terracotta rooftops, yellow-ochre buildings and green shutters would pose for you. In Siena, you will get to see the world’s oldest bank, walk around Piazza del Campo and appreciate the artworks of the beautiful Duomo.

San GimignanoSan Gimignano: The next stop in your trip would be San Gimignano, which is a tiny but extremely gorgeous hilltop town. This town will enchant you with its 25 world-famous medieval towers and the stunning view of the Tuscan hills. The driver can help you locate some of the best eateries around the town. However, you can also explore on your own and enjoy a delicious dish at a Cum Quibus, a Mangius or a Caffe Giardino. Venturesome tourists can also explore the town and climb up the towers for the perfect picture to share with friends and family.

ChiantiChianti: Many travellers vouch that the drive around Chianti is one of the best drives anyone could ever take. The countryside of Chianti is an absolute treat for a person with an eye for beauty. The view will captivate you and transcend you to a different world. Also, if you wish to visit any particular vineyard and learn more about your favourite wine, then you just have to ask your driver. He will take you to some hand-picked vineyards, which are as authentic as it gets. There you can actually enjoy Italian wine at its best. Moreover, if you want to enjoy your lunch at a Chianti farmhouse, then trust Walks of Italy to reserve that for you.

This 9 hour trip around Tuscany is best suited for independent travellers with a thirst for exploration. Forget the hassles and struggles of rental cars and enjoy your Tuscan trip with an experienced local driver who makes sure you enjoy your trip to the fullest and experience Italy in your own way.

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