10 Top Beach Camping Spots in Australia

Lucky Bay Thinking of taking that well-deserved break by the seaside? How about getting your camper ready for this weekend? The holiday season is just around the corner too! It is the best time to set out for those unexplored sands by the reef. However, picking a spot by the beach for camping can be perplexing at times. To help you pick your kind of a camping spot by the beach, we went spot hunting. Here’s presenting you the 10 top beach camping spots in Australia.

Lucky Bay

Location: Cape Le Grande National Park, Western Australia

It’s amazing how far a little drive can take you from locality! Just at a distance of a 40 minutes’ drive from Esperance, you arrive at the 5 km stretched boulder beach of Lucky Bay. Not known to many, this Pacific facing shore is one of the bests in the country for swimming. Swim or just lay on the sands listening to the gentle waves. There’s no chance of you being bothered by any usual crowded beach activities.

Whitehaven Beach

Location: Whitsunday Islands National Park, Queensland

Nestled within close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef are the white sandy beaches of Whitehaven. Eucalyptus and vine forests surround the Whitsunday camping site. Located 30 km east to Shute Harbour, the camping ground can only be accessed through boats.

75 Mile Beach

Location: Fraser Island, Queensland

Not exactly your private nook of a beach, the 75 mile long sandy stretch by the eastern shore is actually a very popular hub-nub. The beach is so huge that it appears on the list of the best four-wheeler’s drive camping sites too. As long as you are within 50 meters from the water (signposts for huge waves are visible) there is absolute freedom for putting up your camp almost anywhere. You will feel the solitude with the abundance of space. It’s a fun spot for non-locales. The inner side sandy areas are also good for camping.Conto's Field Camp Ground

Conto’s Field Camp Ground

Location: Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, Western Australia

Cheap rates ($7 per adult each night) and fresh Salmon to fish could have compensated quite enough for a satisfactory camping tour. But when you also get to spend the night beside yellow limestone rocks and watch the clear blue sky lying by the crystal blue sea, it automatically adds more to your weekend camping experience. Located 20 km. south of the Margaret River, this camping site is also a landmark for the ‘Cape to Cape Track’ coastal trekking route.

Northern Broome BeachesNorthern Broome Beaches

Location: Western Australia

A fishing paradise with free camping for three days! Relatively less popular, these 14 km. long red sandy dunes and varying rock formations provide for the most relaxing camping getaways during the weekends. The beaches follow the northern coastline and end at James Price Point. The catch: you need to have a 4WD (Four Wheel Drive) to get inside.

Pebbly Beach CampgroundPebbly Beach Campground

Location: Yuraygir National Park, NSW

The Yuraygir National Park has several excellent campground, out of which, our pick is the Pebbly Beach Campground situated at the north of Station Creek Beach. The thrill begins when you manoeuvre to reach the camping ground by driving along the beach and crossing a saltwater estuary at low tide. The opportunities to explore are endless here. Go for fishing, tracking, swimming and even whale watching. It is not a typical white sandy beach. It has pebbly gravel-like sand and gives a completely different experience.

Cave BeachCave Beach

Location: Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay, New South Wales

A 3 hour’s drive south to Sydney takes you to the Cave Beach camping area in the beautiful Booderee National Park. Nestled at Jervis Bay the beach is more a surfer’s hangout than a camper’s. From beginners to advanced, all can take equal joy from the spilling waves close to the shores. Yet the aboriginal maintained Booderee National Park hosts an enviable welcome party for both. Recyclable toilets, BBQs, cold showers – all are available at a reasonable fee. The beach is located at a 300m walking distance from the car-park, keeping it hard to reach even for being one of the most popular camping spots. Explore the natural cave by the beach. Its Cave Beach after all!Southern Ocean beach

Note: Booderee National Park is a part of Jarvis Bay Territory (JBT). So keep a tab on ACT administration for information on JBT, not NSW NPWS.

Southern Ocean Beach

Location: South Australia

Looking for that secluded weekend by the seas? This is probably the best place to be. Situated at a distance of 180 km. southeast of Adelaide, the beach camping site in the wilderness is at your disposal. For company, you will only have the exquisite migratory birds who are annual visitors. The changing colours of the sands during evenings and mornings are best for romantic sunsets and refreshing day breaks. The 140 km sandy beach by the wetlands of Coorong National Park will need a 4WD while entering though.Bruny Island

Bruny Island Beach

Location: Tasmania

Bruny Island camping site transcends the border of the mainland. Surrounded by water, filled with exotic birds, wallabies, fur seals and penguins, this is a nice scenic spot for peaceful camping. Recharge your senses sitting by the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches of Tasmania. Added advantage: free camping.

Johanna Beach

Location: Great Ocean Walk, Victoria

Located in the bustling beach-site cluster near the shipwreck coast and the Great Ocean Road, this particular beach is famous for its abundance of wildlife, especially kangaroos, echidnas and exotic birds. There are also drive-in and hikers’ sites nearby to make for easy conveyance.

By now, you must have picked your spot from the list above and you are already planning to have a camping trip with your friends the next weekend! We suggest, go for it before anybody else grabs the best spot. It is true that camping and bon-fire or camp-fire go hand in hand. But be careful and responsible enough not to start a devastating bush fire. Scrutinize the area for fire-banning placards before you stack your wood. Happy camping!

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