International Day of Yoga

A dozen things about the International Day of Yoga The International Day of Yoga is also known as International Yoga Day, World Yoga Day and UN International Yoga Day. The idea […] Continue Reading

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Top Things To Do on a Luxury Vacation in Canada

Traveling to seek new experiences is nothing new. People live in the luxurious villas; splurge in the exclusive restaurants and casinos; book the best seats in international events and put […] Continue Reading

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The Best Flea Markets around the World

If you approach shopping with the battle light of bargaining in your eyes, flea markets are just the place for you. You can prod around with zeal, hoping to spot […] Continue Reading

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Five Most Expensive Perfumes for Women

The love affair between women and perfumes has existed since time immemorial. The mystery and allure of a woman has been inextricably woven with perfume. It is said that Cleopatra […] Continue Reading

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Five Best Luxury Concierge Service Providers in the USA

Whoever said, “Time is Money”, knew what he was talking about. If you have ever used concierge services, you may be inclined to doubt the cliché that money cannot buy […] Continue Reading

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Five Best Places to Welcome the New Year

New Year is the perfect time for ringing in the new, ringing out the old and making fresh and hopeful beginnings in all spheres of life. The promise of things […] Continue Reading

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World Tourism Day 2014 – Tourism and Community Development

The World Tourism Day is widely celebrated on September 27 every year. Tourism and Community Development is the theme of World Tourism Day 2014, as declared by the United Nations […] Continue Reading

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Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul

Turkish Airlines, the favoured commute option in and out of Turkey, now strikes the deluxe chord in its newly upgraded CIP first class lounge at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Its specialities […] Continue Reading

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Five Best Luxury Lifestyle Concierge Service Providers of Europe

The word concierge is inextricably tied up with hotels, calling forth images of a front-desk employee attending to reservations, travel plans and numerous general duties. Did you know the word […] Continue Reading

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New Year Eve Rituals around the World

The time to sing Auld Lang Syne is fast approaching. New Year is celebrated with gusto all over the world on December 31. All over the world people party, make […] Continue Reading

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