Five Best Chartered Airplane Providers

Chartered airplanes, rented out to meet specific needs of individuals or organisations, are convenient alternatives to public aircrafts in emergency situations or for customised travel requirements. Of course, travelling in style, avoiding the stress of queuing up at airports and bypassing baggage woes come with a price tag of its own. However, most people would agree the services are well worth the cost.

Chartered Aircraft Providers

There are many players in the chartered aircraft industry. A quick look at the various kinds of providers will be useful:

Fractional Ownership – Here you buy a ‘share’ of the plane; pay a monthly maintenance fee; and have guaranteed access hours annually depending on the size of the share. This is a somewhat expensive proposition compared to the other available options.

Direct Operators – They are independent operators who own and maintain their own fleet and staff. They provide on-demand service to customers.

Membership Clubs – You can deposit an amount and buy jet charter cards; flight time is deducted from deposit amount.

Broker Operators – These are ‘middlemen’ companies having access to a large network of independent charter aircraft providers. They offer the most economical and flexible packages, so one can find the best deals with them.

Benefits of Chartering a Plane

  • Operates on a customised schedule suitable to individual needs,
  • Compared to commercial airlines, which access only 200-300 airports, charter flights can reach more than 7000 airports,
  • Bypasses normal hassles of check in, long lines at airport, lost baggage, delayed and missed flights.
  • Offers privacy, personalised attention, saving on time and safety of travel.

Five Best Chartered Aircraft Providers

Luxury Charter Plane Interior

There are a host of chartered aircraft providers, all vying with one another to provide the best tailor-made flight solutions. The United States of America has the maximum number of charter airlines with thousands of jets flying within the country and to global destinations. Some of the most popular names in the charter industry, including private, independent and broker operators, are as follows:


NetJets is a pioneer in the concept of fractional jet ownership; offering the benefits of whole aircraft ownership with none of the responsibilities at marginal costs to individuals and groups. NetJets is a giant in the world of chartered airlines with the largest and most diverse fleet of jets giving unmatched experience.

Why NetJets

  • Flexibility – The diversity of fleets gives you flexibility to choose the one best suited to your needs; you can also exchange among various aircraft types depending on availability. Many companies buy shares in light cabin aircraft, midsize and large cabin aircrafts so that they always have the aircraft best suited to their needs at any given time.
  • Confidentiality – You can ensure complete confidentiality of CEO’s and executives of their identity and destinations by flying with NetJets; thereby maintain secrecy about your business dealings.
  • Corporate Accountability – You can ensure compliance of corporate aircraft use; NetJets shares help you to distinguish between aircrafts used for personal and corporate use.
  • Predictable Costs – It is easier to manage your budget as your costs are predictable for the five years of your contract. NetJets will provide you with a detailed cost analysis model to budget your expenses accurately.
  • Guaranteed Liquidity – From a tax and legal viewpoint, your company will gain all the financial benefits accruing from a capital equipment acquisition.
  • Others – NetJets provides additional lift when demand for flights exceeds the number of aircraft you have available. A NetJets aircraft can originate from wherever you wish thereby allowing you to manage deadheads better. A NetJets fractional share allows you to balance the demands on your pilots better.

Unique Owner Benefits

  • Medical – NetJets has tied up with Mayo Clinic to give owners access to world-class medical expertise while travelling wherever they may be.
  • Membership- NetJets owners have invitation to join the Chairman’s Club as preferred members.

Luxury Air Jets

Luxury Air Jets, a premier air charter services broker, defines flying with it as a ‘full luxury jet experience’. It lives up to that phrase with its strict code of ethics, safety regulations and customer service. No detail is too small and care is taken to meet every expectation a customer may have. Its clientele includes heads of states, celebrities and corporate key personnel.

Why Luxury Air Jets

  • A personal concierge is there to take care of every journey detail from dinner reservations to confirming your waiting limousine.
  • Luxury charter flying experience at competitive rates.
  • The most comprehensive safety and security in the industry.
  • Armed or unarmed security details throughout the flight for you and your family.
  • Complete in-flight catering competent to meet any dietary requirement.
  • An array of in-flight services like nannies, hairdressers etc., both regular or out of the way.

For the business traveller:

  • Point to point travel saves time and energy.
  • Host of services offered, including temporary workers, accountants, legal and secretarial services and event planning.
  • Complete safety and privacy.

Other Benefits include:

  • No monthly fees, monthly membership costs or long term investment,
  • Only four-hour notice required,
  • Access to 3,500 aircrafts in over 6000 airports,
  • The highest ARG/US certifications for all aircrafts.

Air Charter International

Air Charter International operates in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific with Dubai as its headquarter. Air Charter International offers wet lease and air charter solutions for airlines, air cargo, passenger travel, emergency medical evacuations and business travel. It believes in providing dependable, cost effective service and quick response to enquiries. It has a global database “Skysearch”, which allows it to provide global access to customers to a pool of aircraft information and experience and over 6000 operators world-wide.

Why Air Charter

  • Diverse Fleet – Air Charter International specializes in jets, passenger aircrafts, cargo, Medevac aircraft and helicopter for various contingencies.
  • Speed – Air Charter specialises in providing corporate jet charter and passenger air charter solutions at a short notice to client in any part of the world.
  • Efficiency – Its database – ‘Skysearch’ effectively matches a client’s requirements with all available aircrafts thereby ensuring that all clients’ needs are met immediately and satisfactorily.
  • Reliability – Aircrafts are offered for your service round the clock, all year round.
  • Specialized Knowledge – There is a professional team of experts in sourcing different kinds of aircrafts suitable for the clients’ needs.
  • Experience – It has a team of dedicated and expert professionals delivering the most appropriate solutions and aircrafts as well as providing the best rates.


Air Charter International is a specialist in tailor made wet lease solutions. It also provides a full-time Operations Manager to streamline the wet lease running as per agreement. The other kinds of leasing it deals in are ACMI, Damp Lease, Dry Lease, Operational Lease and Financial Lease.

Emergency – It covers the following emergency situations:

  • Medical Emergency – People needing immediate medical attention are transported efficiently using an aero-medical transport service, Emergency Medical Evacuation Aircraft or Medivac.
  • Personnel Evacuations – Ideally situated to provide emergency evacuation for Middle East, Africa and Asia, Air Charter’s long term relations with national carriers and charter airlines enables it to source aircrafts worldwide anytime for any emergency evacuation.
  • AOG(aircraft on ground) – In case of an unplanned maintenance issue of any aircraft, Air Craft International can quickly provide solutions to deliver necessary spare parts and minimize the downtime.

Jet Aviation

Jet Aviation is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics. It provides a range of aircraft related services including global executive charter services worldwide. The company operates a fleet of more than 200 business jets. Its four regional centres are located in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

Why Jet Aviation

  • No check-in time,
  • Availability within 2 hours,
  • VIP Service,
  • High safety standards,
  • Highly trained crew,
  • 24-hours customer inquiry availability.

Charter Services

  • On Demand – For those who don’t fly often or fly to multiple destinations on demand, charter is a perfect solution. It allows you to pay as you travel without the need to purchase or maintain an aircraft.
  • Block Charter – Corporations, groups or individuals sometimes prefer to purchase a certain number of charter hours or ‘blocks’ to be used over a period of time. This is beneficial particularly for people with over 50 flight hours yearly.
  • Other Services – Being the largest business aviation services company in the world, Jet Aviation also provides aircraft maintenance, VIP aircraft and passenger handling and personnel services, to name a few.


Flexjet is a division of Bombardier, the world’s third largest civil aircraft manufacturer. Experts in the aviation field, Flexjet ensures the best flying experience for its customers by focusing on delivering superior private jet travel solutions.

Flexjet Programs

  • Whole aircraft management and ownership; part 91 aircraft management services to owners of aircraft with an option to place aircraft in a fractional dry-lease pool; 300+ hours per year; no geographic limits,
  • Fractional Ownership: Purchase in 50-hour increments; 50-400 hours per year,
  • Jet Cards (Flexjet 25): Flexjet 25 Jet Card calendar option – Choose the aircraft and travel calendar best suited to your needs,
  • Flexjet 25 Jet Card debit option: Pay one deposit, fly on any dedicated program aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis any day of the year; 25-100 hours per year.
  • On-Demand Charter Brokerage Services: On-demand charter brokerage program flights operated by a network of Flexjet-approved U.S. air carriers; 1-25 hours per year.

Why Flexjet

  • Flexjet offers safety, expertise, precision and exceptional service,
  • It has the youngest aircrafts, the high-performance Learjet and Challenger,
  • Best qualified pilots and staff for each flight,
  • Highest standards of safety,
  • Aircraft ready in 10 hours’ notice,
  • World class customer service for a great flying experience.

The charter flight industry has come a long way since its inception. Technological advancements have made operations even more seamless and beneficial to customers. Fierce competition has also ensured cuts in prices and increased amenities. Though the recent economic crisis put pressure on the industry, it is emerging strongly out of it and providing services, which are indispensable for many travellers.

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