Five Best Luxury Concierge Service Providers in the USA

Whoever said, “Time is Money”, knew what he was talking about. If you have ever used concierge services, you may be inclined to doubt the cliché that money cannot buy time, because concierge services do exactly that. They buy you time by freeing you of mundane tasks, by taking it on themselves while you devote time to the pursuits you enjoy. Be it house-hunting, getting a coveted ticket, arranging flights, planning holidays, they take care of the nitty-gritty leaving you free to use the reclaimed time as you wish. We have already talked about the Five Best Concierge Service Providers in Europe. Take a look at the five best luxury concierge service providers in the USA here:

One Concierge

The international leader of concierge and lifestyle management services, One Concierge, acts upon the ‘never say no’ spirit. Latest technology and expert staff equip the One Concierge network which is spread across 115 countries. They provide on the spot assistance, 24/7/365. Though thousands of requests are fulfilled daily, each is accorded flawless attention and customer service.


The services include – Lifestyle Management, Personal/Corporate Concierge Programs, VIP Event Access, Private Travel Management, Speciality/High-Value Goods Procurement, Event Access and VIP Support.

From the unique to the mundane, One Concierge has tailor-made solutions for the individual or family. Whether it is planning a holiday, booking a reservation or helping you plan the perfect proposal, it shall be executed seamlessly.

It does not matter if you are not a member, just submit a request. Given the company’s access to over 50,000 events and 10,000 global service providers in 115 countries, be sure to get your request fulfilled.o_oneconcierge_logo_transparent

A comprehensive array of international corporate clients has been served by One Concierge including banking, law, fashion and marketing sectors (to name a few). Meetings, incentive travel plans, corporate hospitality solutions, event design and management are also taken care of proficiently.

Membership Options:


Travel: $1000 – 1 user, Executive: $3000 – 2 users, Bespoke: $8000 – 3 users, Lifestyle: $18,000 – 4 users


A portfolio of over 150 concierge and lifestyle management services, 24/7/365 service, insider knowledge, best prices, 10,000 local and international partners, global coverage across 115 countries, access to over 50,000 events.

All Star Concierge

All Star ConciergeThis luxury lifestyle management service focuses its operations on the Metropolitan New York and Atlanta regions of USA. With a huge database of reputed suppliers and service providers, All Star Concierge takes care of clients’ requests whether they are in the US or abroad. With its focus on personalised services, this concierge service strives to exceed expectation with its superlative service.


  • Gift & Shopping: Hard to find items, unique gift delivery ideas etc.
  • Personal Services: House cleaning, realtor services, relocation help, decorating etc.
  • Information Services: Stock quotes, flight timings, sports scores etc.
  • Entertainment Arrangements: Theatre and restaurant reservations, customised private tours, fashion shows etc.
  • Travel Coordination: Hotel arrangements, passport and visa assistance etc.
  • Party and Event Planning: Wedding planning, event management, theme parties etc.
  • Meetings and Business: Site selection, conference assistance, VIP arrangements etc.
  • Corporate Clients: All Star Concierge provides customised solutions for a variety of industries including banking and financial, healthcare, travel and hospitality, real estate etc.

VIP Events, ASC sports & adventure: tickets to top-notch awards shows, musical performances and other popular events around the world including People’s Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Oscar parties, Billboard Awards, VIP tickets to NFL, NBA, Super Bowl etc., hang-gliding, scuba-diving, safaris etc.

Membership Options

The Essential Membership (Corporate and Group): Unlimited use of concierge service desks, air travel assistance, business services etc.

The Preferred Membership (Individual): $ 199-999 per month: Lifestyle relationship manager and a range of personalised services.

The Elite Membership (by invitation only): Top luxury concierge service, unlimited requests 24/7/365.


Result oriented, high performance, confidential, no start-up or hidden fees, automatic monthly renewal, cancel anytime policy, efficient staff and vendor network.

Concierge Service International, Inc.


Founded by Michael Morris and headquartered in New York, this global concierge company caters to both individual and corporation. A world-wide network of contacts, efficient staff and quick service make its commitment to excellence a reality.


An entire gamut of services ranging from travel reservations to finding exclusive gifts are provided by Concierge Service International.


  • The VIP: Ultimate luxury, personalised service, reservations for top restaurants, access to premier events, access to select VIP lounges etc.
  • The Executive Assistant: Ideal for business executives and individuals, business and leisure travel, relocation, best tickets to events.
  • The Residential ($2500 base fee): Ideal for development or community, on-site/off-site concierge services.
  • The Corporate ($2500 base fee): Offers various services to companies and their clients, hotel and travel reservations, interpreters and translation services etc.
  • The Key to the City ($350-$500): Vacation planning, hotel reservations, tickets, tours planning.
  • Party and Event Planning: Birthdays, corporate bashes, catering, venue and entertainment.
  • Wedding Services: Complete wedding planning.


Superlative service, strict confidentiality, global connections and resources to handle requests successfully

Les Concierges


Les Concierges is one of the leading providers of global concierge services and solutions in the world. Les Concierges works on boosting the brand image of your company, employee and customer loyalty by developing strategic and customised plans to suit your business needs. Assisted by a highly skilled staff, the state-of-the-art Global Concierge Technology system and the customizable My Concierge portal, Les Concierges provides some of the world’s best lifestyle services.


Under the banner of your company’s brand, Les Concierges offers your customers services which include global travel planning and management, exclusive concierge – choice dining network and event planning.

Custom Services offered: Customised brand experience, marketing strategy and management, gifting programs for top customers.


Best branding for your business, superb service of lifestyle needs, value added benefits to business, 24/7/365 high quality service, member of the Luxury Marketing Council.

VIP Concierge

VIP Concierge Logo

If you are dying to lay your hands on those coveted event tickets, your best bet would probably be to approach VIP Concierge. This California-based company has access to the top-premier events across the world. Award shows, movie premieres, red carpet events or the most elite parties, all are covered. There is also a VIP Gift Center from which you can choose exclusive gifts for your family or boss or even a Hollywood Diva. VIP Concierge also ties you up with top luxurious accommodations, exotic car rentals, mansion rentals and yacht rentals for you to enjoy the best of everything when you travel.


  • VIP tickets for famous TV shows including ‘Anger Management’, ‘The X Factor’, ‘Real Time’ LIVE with Bill Maher, and green room accesses.
  • Tickets to top events including American Music Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, American Idol and Golden Globe Awards Parties.
  • Tickets to thrilling sports and adventures including Boston Red Sox, Grapefruit League, NASCAR, WWE, Los Angeles Kings VIP Ice Box Experience, Fighter Jet experience, Swim with the sharks.
  • Access to great theatre events including Broadway, Off-Broadway, Las Vegas, Operas, Musicals.


The tri-level membership includes:

The Ultimate ($18,500 per year): Membership includes round the clock global lifestyle management services, advance notice of VIP events, access to premium events, nightclubs, parties, access to password-protected VIP calendar, restaurant reservations, personal concierge, event planning for individual or corporate.

The Executive ($7,500 per year): Membership includes personal VIP concierge (Mon-Fri, 9am-9pm EST), hotel reservations, car service, tickets, gifts delivery, housekeeping services, prior notice of VIP events, access to top events, access to password-protected VIP calendar, restaurant reservations.

The Inner Circle ($2,850 per year): Membership includes priority notice of events with access to A-List events and parties, access to password-protected VIP calendar, up to 4 VIP Club/Restaurant reservations per month.

The word concierge originated from a French word referring to the person who served his master and his noble guests and visitors. Since then the word has undergone several transformation, evolving to mean a security officer, caretaker, a bell boy and finally it has come to stand for a range of specialised services covering mundane as well as exotic tasks.

Concierge service companies are offering an amazing array of services. If you have the money to pay for having some of your mundane tasks taken off your shoulders, all you have to do is approach any of these concierge services.

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