Five Best Luxury Trains of the World

Travelling by train may not sound as fascinating at first. But wait till you read about these luxurious trains that run through some of the most exotic and picturesque terrains while you sit at the lap of comfort and luxury and almost forget that you are in a train! Travelling by such luxury trains should be in every luxe traveller’s bucket list, because, your travel experiences will remain incomplete without one. So prepare for a journey of luxury on track as we present to you the five best luxury trains of the world.Rovos Dining

Rovos Rails, Africa

Africa’s pride! Royalty finds a new name in the newly furnished suites of the Rovos Rail. As the 72-passenger train sweeps its path through the enriching sceneries of wild Africa, the grandeur dining and heart-warming hospitality in all of its 15 Pullman compartments, 22 deluxe cabins, 4 king-size royal suites await to surprise you with its signature luxury experience. Travelling itself becomes your destination when it leaves a long lasting impression in your mind with its excellent wood panelling finish and ethnic Edwardian interiors. Private lounges furnished with cosy couches and the Victorian baths in the suites add extra stars to this imperial ecstasy. There’s more! Your classy experience now includes the Pyramids of Egypt to make your journey a more enthralling one. The train with archaic interiors, the Rovos Rail has all the high end amenities at its disposal to connect you to the contemporary world.

Journeys offered:

  • Rovos Rail: Cape Town to Dar es Salaam
  • Cape to Cairo by Luxury Train, Jet and Ship 2014
  • Rovos Rail: The African College
  • Rovos Rail Namibia

Eastern and Oriental Express, Asia

The Eastern and Oriental Express goes through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and on into Laos taking you on a journey of 1,262 miles. This train is one of Orient Express’s successful ventures. The sister train to Europe’s Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, this luxury train offers you excellent on-board services ever possible in a luxury train journey. The train comprises of two gorgeous Presidential Suites, 28 State compartments, 30 double Pullmans, panelled with cherry wood and elm burr and embellished with decorative parquetry and elaborate inlays. In this train all sleeping beds fold into comfortable seats during daytime. Dining on board is a delightful experience. The train’s French chef along with its excellent service has received several prestigious acclamations for blending Western and Eastern signature cuisines. The observation car, at the very end of the train, has been divided into one-third exterior observatory area and the interior part is kept to enjoy cocktails amidst a colonial ‘veranda’ ambience. The bar car and other accessories will definitely woo your senses.

orient-expressJourneys offered:

  • Bangkok – Singapore (and return)
  • Bangkok – Chiang Mai – Bangkok Extended Tour: Epic Thailand
  • Bangkok – Vientiane – Bangkok Extended Tour: Tales of Laos
  • Singapore – Bangkok Extended Tour: Fables of the Hills
  • Bangkok – Singapore Extended Tour: Legends of the Peninsula

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Europe

The journey from Russia to Vladivostok takes you through eight time zones and over 6,000 miles (9,656 km). The Trans-Siberian express runs on the world’s longest railway line connecting two continents – Asia and Europe. The accommodations are classified in different forms like the newly inaugurated King-sized Imperial Suites, Gold Class compartments and Silver Class coaches. The finely conceptualized Imperial suite is the most lavish and spacious one, where the luxurious amenities also include an all-time butler service and In-cabin dining facilities. The Gold Class does not lag too behind when it comes to grandeur. With five compartments per car, it features everything to give you comfort and pleasure during the journey. The Silver Class car having six compartments each is also exquisitely furnished keeping in mind the Guest’s common interest for luxury. While the “Gold” and “White” diner-restaurant cars, lounges & bars make you feel extra comfortable in the train; Lake Baikal, Ulaanbaatar outdoor train ride and beach picnic gives you world-class, ethereal experience to remember for a life time.

Journeys offered:golden_eagle_transsiberian_express

  • Trans-Siberian Express: Russia by Private Train
  • Silk Road by Private Train: Beijing to Moscow
  • Trans-Mongolian Express: Naadam Festival
  • Trans-Siberian: Winter Wonderland
  • Trans-Mongolian Express: Beijing to Moscow
  • Baikal Express: Lake Baikal to Moscow
  • Caspian Odyssey: Almaty to Yerevan by Luxury Train

Blue Train, Africa

The royal blue colour of the train depicts royal appearance as well as imperial class and quality. Famed as “A window to the soul of Africa”, this elegant and superbly styled locomotive runs once a week between Pretoria and Cape Town. The accommodations are in two sets, one which has a maximum of 74, the other 58. The first set has nine deluxe coaches and the second one has eight. Each deluxe coach having 4 deluxe suites each and both sets have two luxury carriages with three compartments. Apart from gracious and professional service, the other services include, a butler on call in each coach; facility to call the train manager if/whenever the guests need some assistance or seek information pertaining to the journey and telephone facility at a nominal charge if the guest wants to make a call outside. On board services include delicious snacks and beverages served in the suites on request, limited laundry and valet service, safe deposit boxes, luggage van for additional luggage, continental cuisine and classic lounges and so on. A camera mounted on each train gives guests a driver’s-eye-view of the sceneries ahead.Blue Train by the Table Mountain

Journeys offered:

  • The Blue Train: Pretoria-Cape Town in Luxury
  • The Blue Train, Luxury Train and Safaris
  • The Blue Train: Luxury Overnight

Royal Canadian Pacific, North America

Luxury knows no bounds in this 30-sweater elegant passenger train, where serene beauty of nature can be enjoyed on the observation platforms. The fame of this train is related to many of history’s eminent names, such as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Sir Winston Churchill, Princess Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh, John and Jacqueline Kennedy who enjoyed the ride in one of the cars. There are five cabins with double beds and five with single accommodation. The multi-cuisine meals are freshly prepared in the dining cars, beautifully presented and graciously served to make your experience an unforgettable one. The lounge cars like “Mount Stephen”, “Royal Wentworth”, “Van Horne” offer complete and intimate journey wrapped up in luxury and comfort.

Journeys offered:royal-canadian

  • Royal Canadian Rockies Experience
  • Royal Canadian Pacific Express

Other than the above recognized names, few more need special appreciations here owing to their luxury sense, varied and classy style, decorative inlays, old world charm and signature dishes. Luxury Trains such as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, El Transcantabrico, British Pullman, Glacier Express, Al Andalus and Royal Scotsman of Europe; Deccan Odyssey, Maharaja’s Express and Palace on Wheels of Asia and the Hiram Bingham and Rocky Mountaineer of the Americas are worth the mention. The experience of travelling by train takes you to another time period, where the journey by train itself formed part of the destination because of the experience. Chugging through the beautiful landscapes sitting in the comfort of a luxurious interior while sipping your most favourite liquor, nothing can beat such memories. We think ‘now’ is the best time to create one such memory. Bon voyage!

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