MICE in Beijing, China

Beijing – the busy technopolis is the capital city of the People’s Republic of China. Being a 3000 year old holding of five imperial dynasties, this is where history transforms into legend. Cashing in on the big tickets of international events like the Beijing Olympics 2008, the city has adapted to an even bigger dream with its swift stroke of development. An increasingly capacitated Nanyuan Airport (with 6 million passengers annually) and upcoming projects like that of the largest airport terminal of the world (130 million passengers and 6 metric ton cargo transference annual capacity) are nothing but ambitious steps towards this dream’s realisation. Host once to the Forbidden City is now also the showcase to 196 major Multinational Corporations. With business pouring in from all rising quarters, the coming years look promising to say the least. So, if you are looking to organise MICE in Beijing, China, here are a few state of the art MICE venues to choose from.

MICE Venues in Beijing

China National Convention Center (CNCC)

Olympic Green has been the fruitcake of media coverage in Beijing since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Being located adjacent to the “Bird’s Nest” and “Water Cube” does not ensure publicity though. But for China National Convention Center (CNCC), being the main press centre and serving partly in hosting the fencing preliminaries and pistol shooting competition during the Olympics did score an ace. A chief member of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), this architecturally quoins-shaped wonder, is the leading MICE venue in Beijing since its formal opening in 2009.


  • Strategically located in the heart of the Olympic Greens, CNCC is close to both the airport and the railway stations. While the airport is half an hour’s journey from the venue, a city subway station has a stop at the basement of the building itself.

  • The Center is a 398 meter long, eight floor congress, convention, exhibition venue complete with a dedicated shopping mall. A 6400 square meter plenary hall dividable in two parts that can host over 6000 delegates. Another banquet hall of 4860 square meters can cater approximate 3000 guests. Seventy seven meeting rooms with AV facilities make CNCC the indispensable choice while arranging meetings in Beijing.
  • Artistic design assembled with technology is evident from CNCC’s 23,000 square meter exhibition hall. Three pillars make the hall divisible into four 5500 square meter acoustically independent exhibit spaces.
  • China National Convention CenterRight across a walkway is the connected CNCC Grand Hotel. 420 deluxe luxury suites were used to host the journalists during the Beijing Olympics. Accommodations are also aplenty in the posh commercial Chaoyang District where about 3 five-star, 7 four-star and 10 three-star hotels are within a radius of 1 km. Food, entertainment and all holidaying pleasures can be availed easily.
  • Due to the strict ecological standards maintained during the Olympics, CNCC has followed eco-friendly “green elements” in its construction. The innovative architecture allows for conserving rain water, partially natural air-conditioning, central vacuum system, a one-of-its-kind central refuse collection system et cetera.
  • Along with renting the business centre, CNCC also allows renting facilities like advertisement spaces, audio-video equipment and others separately.
  • Special care is provided to the disabled.

China World Trade Center (CWTC)

China World Trade CenterSince its inception in 1985, China World Trade Center (CWTC) has been witness to several defining moments in the history of world economy. The entire 17 hectare plus property including its Phase I and II projects is a powerhouse for business conventions and exhibits. It is also one of the most sought after MICE venues in the world. This joint conglomerate of China Shi Mao Investment Co. Ltd. and Kerry Industrial Co. Ltd. hosts the world’s classiest offices, hotels, malls, exhibition centres and more in its premises. The 20 years’ relevant experience comes in handy as the renowned China World brand now tends to extend its hands to an extra 540,000 square meters with its project Phase III in the coming. While Phase 3A approaches completion, Beijing’s tallest skyscraper, the magnificent China World Tower, opens its arms to a new era of MICE experience in Beijing.


  • China World Hotel – The classiest 716 suites await you in this Platinum Five-Star grand stay. Six name-worthy branded restaurants prepare themselves to indulge your appetite while you de-stress yourself in the 45 minute luxury drive from the Beijing Capital Airport to the complex. Meetings and conventions are arranged by the hotel’s specialised event managers in its 12 gala function rooms, 2000 persons approximate capacity conference hall, and an 800 persons capacity banquet hall.
  • China World Exhibition Hall – Hosting over 600 international functions every year, the 10,000 square meters supreme exhibition hall is not only one of the best but also one of the busiest exhibition venues ever built. So, do book it early.
  • Traders Hotel Beijing – Another star added to the all-star China World complex in the form of this four-star Trader’s Hotel. With 13 function rooms for meetings and events, 570 deluxe luxury suites and 3 international restaurants, this is the next happening place to be in town.
  • China World Apartments & Mall – The two 30-storey towers (North and South Lodge) comprising world class accommodations bear witness of the heavy investments put in renovation to the comfort of the guests. A 100,000 square meter mall is the shopping capital of China World. The 25 continental enclaves brew up the guests’ appetite while the 350 renowned shopping brands keep them craving for more.
  • China World Summit Wing – Your MICE tour in the CWTC just got extended with the newly upcoming Phase III project adding a staggering 330-meter Eiffel Tower of the East – China World Tower, to your business-cum-pleasure cocktail. The 278 ultra-luxurious guest rooms along with the finest spas, high-tech gymnasium, heated swimming pool, eight branded restaurants, 3000 plus car parking space, a 50,000 square meter extension to the exclusive China World Mall, a 2340 square meter hall-space and 12 dedicated function areas make for the grandest MICE experience in entire Beijing.

Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) Beijing International Convention Center

Opened in 1990, Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) has been the main hub of conferences in the heart of the Asian Games Village. Situated right beside the “Bird’s Nest”, BICC has a history of hosting more than 1000 world renowned conferences till date. With the Beijing Continental Grand Hotel being added to its MICE facilities, this North Star Industrial Group stalwart is a surprise package all round.


  • The close proximity to the Beijing Capital Airport (20 km) and the city centre (9 km) makes it the easiest accessible venue for delegates coming for international meetings and conferences. Built in the commercial hub of the Chaoyang District, the best available MICE pleasures in Beijing are within hand’s reach.
  • 48 different conference rooms, a special dedicated 5000 square meter exhibition hall and a five-star rated tourist service make for BICC’s success as a celebrated MICE venue.
  • The four-star Beijing International Grand Hotel is the latest arsenal in terms of MICE support at BICC. 538 luxury guest rooms and a palette of five different cuisines are bound to bring a fresh change of taste for the guests and to your occasion.

China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)

China-International-Exhibition-CenterLocated in the posh business district of Chaoyang, China International Exhibition Center (CIEC) is a joint venture of the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) and China’s international trade promoting body. An enterprise with over 27 years of experience in arranging exhibitions for both the overseas and domestic arena, CIEC stands apart for its swiftly administered MICE services in Beijing.


  • Located centrally in the city, CIEC is very well connected by public transport. The location is a plus for those who enjoy a little pleasure with their passion for work. Chaoyang district has some of the most fabulous restaurants, pubs, shopping arcades, amusement corners, theatres and much more.
  • The CIEC Group is known for its customised exhibition management. CIEC International Exhibition Construction Company Limited, a subsidiary of the state-owned agency, specifies on construction of special stands for exhibitions. CIEC International Exhibition Engineering Company Limited, another subsidiary, works for designing and construction of stalls in domestic and international trade fairs, world expos etc.
  • CIEC’s 15 exhibition and meeting halls distributed over its three floors are packed almost the whole year. Varying sizes of spaces ranging from 4440 square meters to 1260 square meters provide for all needs, may it be a convention or a ceremony. Well ventilated seems an understatement with the presence of 27 air conditioners for each function during summers. Conveyance, air pressure, electricity, drainage, and water – every of the finest details is taken care of with proficiency to leave a lasting impression.
  • Security concerns regarding accidents are dealt efficiently with smoke sensitive alarms, fire hydrants, portable fire extinguishers, emergency lightings present in each hall. Intrusions are kept at bay with security services securing the premises 24×7.
  • Connectivity is not a problem when your exhibition halls are directly connected to internet and national calls. Broadcasting of each event is also facilitated.
  • Food is provided in the 7 makeshift stalls and 2 cafes in the ground floor. Ideal for buffet and tea break parties.
  • A list of on-site services is provided by CIEC in addition to its excellent venues. Management of outdoor events includes leasing of articles, exquisite catering services, press conference arrangements with huge press coverage etc.

Now, if you are planning a work meeting pack your quirky smile in your attaché and retire from the idea of attending the same monochromatic office environment for it. Instead, make your meeting an excuse to land in the next happening city of the future, a city where culture and work courtesy are aligning themselves with equal competency. Let your MICE tourism nest your passion in the playground of leading global players of major multinational corporations. Sense faith surging in as you witness the forbidden corners of ancient history and at the same time feel privileged for the presence of advanced technology. The niche of holiday and pleasure with the exposure to the ocean of business is what makes your stay at Beijing worthwhile.

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