International Day of Yoga

A dozen things about the International Day of Yoga The International Day of Yoga is also known as International Yoga Day, World Yoga Day and UN International Yoga Day. The idea […] Continue Reading

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The Singapore Grand Prix 2015

Fast, Furious, Fun – The Singapore Grand Prix 2015 It’s time to buckle up, hold your breath and sit tight as the Singapore Grand Prix Season is back with a […] Continue Reading

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Five Best Asian Spa Therapies

Whenever you hear the word ‘spa’, do you get the vision of someone lying face-down and getting a massage? If so, you are not alone! Most of us primarily associate […] Continue Reading

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Ashram – Retreat for your mind, body and soul

Sometimes, a stage comes in life when nothing feels right. These are the times when you wish you could go someplace else where you could just be at peace with […] Continue Reading

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The Top Nine Winter Recreational Activities

Winter holidays are the best time to challenge your fitness level and satisfy the adventurer within. Numb fingers, frozen waters, and the thought of a frozen nose may dampen your […] Continue Reading

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10 Top Beach Camping Spots in Australia

Thinking of taking that well-deserved break by the seaside? How about getting your camper ready for this weekend? The holiday season is just around the corner too! It is the […] Continue Reading

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The Best Ski Destinations of Europe

Come winter and ski lovers from all over the world flock to Europe to enjoy the thrill of winter sports and generally frolic in the snow. Europe is a first […] Continue Reading

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Glamping in Asia

Glamping in Asia – The Luxe Camping When an average guy sets up a tent under the stars and prepares to rough it out in Nature’s lap, it is called […] Continue Reading

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Top Ten Outdoor Recreational Activities

Adventure seekers around the world have been quenching their thirst for excitement through many recreational activities. Most of these activities are physically demanding and require you to be in excellent […] Continue Reading

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3 Best American Golf Courses

“Show me a man who is a good loser and I’ll show you a man who is playing golf with his boss” – Jim Murray. The quote while it draws laughs, points […] Continue Reading

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